At AU21 Capital, we are delighted to announce our recent investment in UniLend, a decentralized and permission-less protocol that simultaneously enables issuance, lending, borrowing, trading, governance and a variety of other services for all tokens operating on the ERC20 standard. This partnership is a manifestation of our desire to widen the scope of interactivity between digital assets, increasing locked value and yielding further growth in the DeFi space.

Inhibiting Factors to Decentralized Finance Growth

Though the DeFi space has seen a tremendous increase in Total Value Locked within the past year, there remain two distinct attributes in the sector that…

At AU21 Capital, we are pleased to announce our recent investment in Crust, a Decentralized Cloud firm that provides a compelling alternative to existing cloud storage, computing and distribution services. Our backing serves as a testament to our devotion to fueling innovative projects that leverage blockchain technology to accelerate decentralization across a wide number of applications.

Issues Arising from the Explosive Growth of Cloud Computing

Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) platforms have collectively been forced to adapt their operational strategies to serve immense amounts of newfound demand. …

At AU21 Capital, we are delighted to announce our investment in Persistence. Persistence is a firm offering a wide variety of financial products and services that aim to bridge the gap between DeFi transactions and existing capital markets. This backing signifies our devotion to supporting projects that leverage blockchain technologies to create real-world value and increase widespread adoption of digital asset transactions.

Three Major Financial Players Remain Walled Apart

Businesses — The rise of decentralized and open finance has yet to offer any perceptible benefit to most firms. Capital financing remains an industry that is dominated by traditional financial institutions…

At AU21 Capital, we are excited to announce our investment in Decentral Games, a web gaming platform that utilizes novel blockchain technologies to optimize online gambling. Decentral Games’ platform leverages unique security and transaction systems to offer its users unparalleled speed and continuity across Blackjack, Roulette, Slots, Backgammon, and more.

Existing Platforms Struggle to Deliver Realism

User Experience issues plague existing cryptocurrency-based gambling experiences and detract from the ability of players to interact with each other and the game they are playing. Three main shortcomings are explained below.

Relentless User Validation Detracts from Game Progression — In most existing platforms…

At AU21 Capital, we are excited to announce our investment in Terra Virtua, an impressively well designed Non-Fungible Token platform that is poised to redefine the collectible digital asset space. Terra Virtua takes a unique approach towards the NFT experience and allows for a high degree of immersivity while remaining easily accessible and deeply engaging.

How NFT Platforms Can Achieve Greatness

Current NFT platforms have done an incredible job of creating a market for collectable digital assets, but many providers lack a compelling draw to foster wider public adoption. …

At AU21 Capital, we are delighted to announce our recent investment in Covalent, an API that empowers wallet owners to rapidly access and analyze metrics related to their digital asset portfolios like never before. Our backing serves to improve transparency for cryptocurrency investors, leading to significantly accelerated adoption and growth for the blockchain space.

Disorderly Data Leaves Investors Flying Blind

To put it simply, existing digital asset management tools fail to offer any insightful or useful information to investors in a timely manner. …

At AU21 Capital, we are delighted to announce our recent investment in Sifchain, a decentralized multi-chain exchange for cryptocurrencies that serves to eliminate the shortfalls of existing digital asset exchanges. Our investment stands as a symbol of our devotion to advancing the cryptocurrency ecosystem by supporting robust marketplaces and increasing liquidity through seamless cross-chain compatibility.

Failures Arising from the “DEX v. CEX” Dichotomy

Alongside Decentralized Finance’s rapid value accretion, a large number of marketplaces have emerged for investors to exchange and speculate on the value of their digital assets. …

At AU21 Capital, we are delighted to announce our recent investment in Reef, a DeFi encompassing cross-chain asset management tool that combines a wide liquidity net with an advanced yield aggregation system to provide investors with powerful and effective tools to manage their digital assets. Our backing signifies our commitment to fostering efficiency and lowering barriers to entry for DeFi investors, paving the way for further growth and adoption in the space.

Fundamental Flaws in Current Investment Management Tools

From top to bottom, existing DeFi asset management services lack the basic functionality that abounds in traditional investment management tools. …

At AU21 Capital, we are excited to announce our recent partnership with Xend Finance, an innovative protocol to integrate DeFi into Credit Union and Cooperative structures to generate higher yields and enable worldwide access to financial products. In decentralizing the means by which capital is stowed within these structures, Xend affords users in developing nations two critical advantages over existing institutions, liquidity and stability.

When Currencies Falter, Finance Fails

There is little debate that economic stability remains out of reach for billions worldwide. Without the presence of a consistent store of value, and lacking access to a wide gamut of…

At AU21 Capital, we are excited to announce our recent backing of CertiK, a novel approach to auditing, perpetually securing and insuring capital withheld in any blockchain. CertiK decentralizes these three processes to build a far more robust capital protection system that removes the shortfalls of current security solutions.

As Crypto Booms, Security Stagnates

With hundreds of Billions of dollars in existing cryptocurrency in circulation, it comes as no surprise that a substantial amount of on-chain assets have become lost, stolen or unretrievable through the passage of time. …

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