Why We Invested: Sidus Heroes

AU21 Capital
3 min readFeb 8, 2022

AU21 Capital is excited to announce our investment in Sidus Heroes, a play-to-earn NFT-centric MMO RPG. Sidus is revolutionizing the decentralized gaming industry with its large-scale metaverse-centric game that expands on the traditional play-to-earn model by catering to users that enjoy existing shooter, exploration, building, and role-playing games. Similarly, Sidus Heroes allows users to become fully involved with the social, political, and economic aspects of the Sidus universe, including group formation, battling other clans, and venturing into areas of growth and opportunity. With our investment, we hope to accelerate growth in the decentralized gaming industry by bringing this revolutionarially customizable play-to-earn multiplayer game to market.

Diversification Captures Interest In Online Gaming

First-generation decentralized games drew hype from early adopters due to their innovation and timing in the space. However, the decentralized gaming market has since become a race to the metaverse, where developers are trying to capture a user base that is large and loyal enough to succeed in a Web 3 future. What makes Sidus Heroes unique in its pursuit to establish a dominant metaverse platform are its seemingly endless opportunities for users to stay engaged. The fundamentals of the game are built with generous economic and social liberties, and users can choose their own path. For example, members of different Sidus’ twelve races can join forces and establish groups, while also choosing to go to battle with other groups. On the other hand, there are many possibilities to compete in games in order to earn personal assets that can be used to build up individual wealth. These features serve to establish Sidus as a novel metaverse platform.

Current Catalysts Driving Future Growth

Attraction from large-scale investors is a critical factor in determining whether or not early stage metaverse competitors will stand the test of time as the transition to Web3 continues. Sidus Heroes have successfully leveraged social media stars as a way to achieve this, and the firm has already established a fanbase drawing from brand partners with a net audience of over 120 million. Our outlook for Sidus is further bolstered by their initiative to fully integrate NFTs, which will allow users to buy and sell NFTs in order to benefit their financial status and raise capital. At present a majority of the engagement is based around entertainment and competing in games and battles, but the Sidus investors envision a future gameplay where users can become entrepreneurs themselves and see the assets they worked hard to acquire grow. In 2Q22, Sidus also plans to launch a mobile web version of the game, making the MMO platform even more accessible.

Sidus Heroes — The City of NFT Heroes

Sidus is a multi-layered P2E multiplayer game that solves fundamental problems for gaming enthusiasts looking to climb the costly barriers of entry to new decentralized games. In the game, users are transported into a futuristic technological world as characters belonging to a specific tech-race they’ve been born into. Through these customizable characters, players have the opportunity to fight, explore, build, represent, and trade in-game assets. The PvP fighting in Sidus Heroes takes the form of 1v1 duels, as well as multiplayer fighting where you can form legions and fight alongside friends. When not fighting, players can travel the metaverse, meeting new people and exploring other lands. Players can also establish, develop, farm, and defend their own in-game land. When not fighting, exploring, or building, players are able to use their SIDUS tokens to run for political positions, lobby for legislature that serves their interests, vote alongside other players of their tech-race, and even buy wearable NFTs for a player’s avatar and equipment. There are also SENATE tokens, which can only be used to buy assets such as plots of land and spaceships or station modules within the game. Last, but not least, players can trade artifacts, characters, weapons, and other in-game assets to customize and enhance their personal gameplay. We believe that Sidus Heroes is an exciting game that appeals to many different types of gamers, and that they are revolutionizing the decentralized gaming industry, and are proud to support Sidus Heroes through our investment.