Why We Invested: Terra Virtua

At AU21 Capital, we are excited to announce our investment in Terra Virtua, an impressively well designed Non-Fungible Token platform that is poised to redefine the collectible digital asset space. Terra Virtua takes a unique approach towards the NFT experience and allows for a high degree of immersivity while remaining easily accessible and deeply engaging.

How NFT Platforms Can Achieve Greatness

Current NFT platforms have done an incredible job of creating a market for collectable digital assets, but many providers lack a compelling draw to foster wider public adoption. We believe that the integration of three core customer retention and market segment expansion principles, listed below, will be paramount for taking the NFT experience from “good” to “great”.

Platform Agnosticism — With the meteoric rise of mobile gaming and virtual reality technologies, it has become apparent that content providers must provide an exceptional user experience across a variety of devices and platforms. NFT platforms should aim to meet or exceed the level of accessibility that pervades throughout other industries, and should also seek to move beyond the web application format.

Brand, Series and Franchise Partnerships — A single strong partnership can rapidly build demand for a product or service with little to no cost of customer acquisition. Furthermore, as NFTs look to branch into more of a mainstream role, partnerships with popular studios and franchises serve as an enticing hook for NFTs to gain favorability amongst the highly established traditional collectibles community.

Enriching the Collecting Experience — The prestige of sole ownership over an asset, with only basic exhibition abilities, is not a sustainable driving force for the level of growth in the digital collectibles economy. Few platforms offer an experience that exceeds a conventional card collection and display case. Looking forward, all NFT ecosystems should develop their digital assets to serve beyond their basic purpose as collectible items.

Terra Virtua — Ushering in a New Era of NFTs

The Terra Virtua platform embodies all of the above principles, and builds upon the business model of traditional NFT providers to create a compelling offering. The Terra Virtua experience is readily accessible, and users can tune into their collection from nearly anywhere, including mobile devices and virtual reality hardware. Additionally, Terra Virtua has already established partnerships with a number of leading developers and brands, opening the door for the creation of highly valuable NFT collections in the future. Lastly, Terra Virtua users have the opportunity to interact with and display their assets in a number of ways, creating a more meaningful experience for collectors and their communities.

We are thrilled to work with Terra Virtua as they redefine the digital collectibles space and set new standards for NFT capabilities.



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