Why We Invested: Frontier

At AU21 Capital, we are pleased to announce our recent investment in Frontier, a DeFi wallet and aggregation layer that consolidates investment opportunities in the ever-widening protocol ecosystem. This backing embodies our commitment to fueling innovative technologies that serve as accelerants for mainstream Decentralized Finance adoption.

Externalities of Heavy Decentralization

User Experience has taken a back seat during Decentralized Finance’s rapid growth. To put it simply, three critical user experience issues will continue to stunt the adoption of DeFi until they are rectified.

  1. Almost all available DeFi management platforms force new users up a steep learning curve when entering the ecosystem and initiating transactions. Investment product qualities and risks are poorly communicated to users and new entrants are becoming dazed with the seeming complexity of basic transactions.
  2. Current non-custodial wallets rarely interface efficiently with DeFi protocols, and many users resort to the creation of multiple wallets to participate in one protocol. Additionally, wallet guidelines create confusion and muddle the process of asset stakes and swaps.
  3. Existing DeFi portfolio management systems lack multi-platform support, which isolates transaction initiation for individual protocols even further. Users with multiple wallets must now work through numerous devices to interact with a single position.

Frontier — A Novel Gateway into DeFi

Frontier takes clear aim at removing the primary shortfalls of heavy decentralization that are noted above. The provision of transaction transparency and investment performance history is paramount for DeFi participants, and we are impressed by what the Frontier application already offers in its first iteration. On the homepage, a multitude of major DeFi platforms and assets are listed on the application, alongside all pertinent data for investment management. Economic events are initiated effortlessly through the push of a button, and balances across all platforms are clearly displayed.

Frontier’s interface is equally elegant and does not require the provision of any private keys. More importantly, all of these features are accessible via a single scrolling page that is uniformly formatted across iOS, Android and the web, removing the headache of navigating between multiple wallets, sites and devices.

We are excited to work alongside Frontier as they craft an invaluable tool for streamlining DeFi portfolio management, fostering transparency and cultivating further growth through simplicity.

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