Why We Invested: Decentral Games

At AU21 Capital, we are excited to announce our investment in Decentral Games, a web gaming platform that utilizes novel blockchain technologies to optimize online gambling. Decentral Games’ platform leverages unique security and transaction systems to offer its users unparalleled speed and continuity across Blackjack, Roulette, Slots, Backgammon, and more.

Existing Platforms Struggle to Deliver Realism

User Experience issues plague existing cryptocurrency-based gambling experiences and detract from the ability of players to interact with each other and the game they are playing. Three main shortcomings are explained below.

Relentless User Validation Detracts from Game Progression — In most existing platforms, players are interrupted with a validation layer alongside every transaction. These overabundant validations achieve nominal security improvements at the cost of the progression and realism in the game.

High Fee’s Reduce Player’s Expected Values — Gas fee’s accompany every transaction in established gaming platforms, whittling down earnings and amplifying losses, as well as reducing incentives for new players to join.

Transaction Latency Impairs Authenticity — A disconnect between in-game activities and correspondent transactions on Ethereum dilutes the user experience further, lending itself to lower retention.

Decentral Games — Better Gambling on Blockchain

Decentral Games advances the world of cryptocurrency-based online gambling to compete with it’s traditional counterparts. Decentral’s use of Matic and Metamask allows for instantaneous, free and secure transactions that allow the user to retain full custody of their assets without intrusive security checks. Decentral also utilizes a unique asset ownership system within their metaverse, allowing users to control the shape of their casino landscape. Additionally, Decentral Games plans to introduce numerous games, at the direction of its users, to its ecosystem in the coming months.

We are excited to partner with Decentral Games as they broaden the use-case for crypto and offer a compelling online gambling product with promising technologies and innovative MMO capabilities.

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