Why We Invested: Coin98

AU21 Capital
2 min readOct 14, 2021

At AU21 Capital, we are delighted to announce our investment in Coin98, a firm dedicated to growing cross-chain opportunities and increasing transaction optionality in the blockchain space. While the construction of interoperability solutions for DeFi and Crypto assets is far from a new concept, Coin98 has demonstrated an extraordinary level of success in developing their crypto infrastructure. Our support of Coin98 further cements our dedication to increasing interoperability and lowering barriers to access for traditional investors seeking to increase their exposure to the crypto sector.

As Interdependence Increases, Complexity breeds Inefficiency

Although cryptocurrency has enjoyed an unprecedented rise over the last two years, increasing complexity and fragmentation is stifling the ability of end users to leverage the full economic and technological potential of blockchain technologies. Two fundamental issues are severely inhibiting the growth and adoption of crypto:

  • Existing blockchain asset management solutions typically require reliance on multiple platforms to execute seemingly simple transactions. While there are offerings that enable investors to access a wide gamut of transactions on individual chains, or within certain marketplaces, these solutions leave much to be desired in their current iterations. Additionally, as the crypto space grows and additional use cases are discovered, adapting these platforms will become increasingly challenging.
  • Blockchain projects are attempting to solve increasingly unique and disparate problems, and seamless interoperability is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve. While the tokenization of utility and ownership has made it easy to transfer value from ecosystem to ecosystem, more meaningful methods of interoperability are yet to be realized.

Coin98 — A Full-Service Solution for ever Evolving DeFi and Crypto

Coin98 presents a new paradigm for crypto interoperability and asset management. With support for dozens of chains and sectors, the scale of their interoperability rivals the best offerings on the market. Transactions like lending, gaming, and asset transfer are readily conducted by an assortment of Coin98 products, which are integrated into a seamless web interface. With the exceptional quality of their existing products, and the impressive team behind their development, we believe that Coin98 is very well positioned to adapt to evolutions in the DeFi marketplace, as well as the broader macroeconomic environment. Beyond building one of the best constructed interoperability offerings in recent memory, Coin98 boasts a reputed research program as well as robust in-house incubation and business development divisions. With these factors in mind, we firmly believe that Coin98 has potential not just as a protocol, but a fundamental part of the Cryptocurrency ecosystem.