Why We Invested: ChainGuardians

AU21 Capital
2 min readNov 19, 2021

We at AU21 Capital are delighted to announce our investment in ChainGuardians, a player-driven, sci-fi and anime inspired gaming universe built on Polygon. ChainGuardians is a pioneer in the decentralized gaming space with cross-chain bridges for NFTs and free play, inviting more users into the blockchain space. With an innovative edge of being the first decentralized gaming project to introduce anime-inspired superheroes to the blockchain, ChainGuardians is poised to grow into a dominant force in decentralized gaming and attract more non crypto-native users to the space.

Archaic Infrastructure Hampers the Gaming Experience

Digital gaming began decades ago and has grown into an industry worth over $170B. However, this industry comes with security and user experience problems that decentralized gaming seeks to fix: decentralized gaming gives more freedom to users with complete security of their information and records of past games, ownership of in-game assets through NFTs, and the opportunity to make real money through governance tokens and sales of in-game assets. As these solutions become more prevalent in the gaming experience, we expect to see a majority of gamers transitioning from traditional to decentralized gaming platforms.

ChainGuardians — A New Frontier for Online Gaming

ChainGuardians is a multifaceted and decentralized solution to traditional digital gaming. The platform offers three main novel experiences. First, ChainGuardians boasts a scalable superhero PVP (Player Vs. Player) fighting platform that supports both 1v1 and team battles, with the ability to host team competitions and e-sports tournaments. Second, ChainGuardians has partnered with multiple major NFT projects to host the first NFT mining game, which includes staking NFTs to earn. Third, ChainGuardians is beta testing a role-playing play-to-earn cryptoverse game that integrates in-game assets to both the browser and mobile versions of the game. We are excited to watch ChainGuardians use this three-pronged approach to build on their momentum and innovate in the decentralized gaming space to become one of the most dominant decentralized games in the industry.