Why We Invested: CasperLabs

At AU21 Capital, we are excited to announce our recent investment in CasperLabs. Casper’s Highway Protocol is a Blockchain that offers rapid transaction clearance, provides a clear path for firms to scale and works with existing development tools while remaining entirely permissionless and decentralized. Our investment cements our commitment to accelerating the adoption of blockchain in enterprise applications.

The Developer’s Dilemma

For firms evaluating products for systems development, current blockchain solutions lack commercial appeal and riddle the software development lifecycle with compromises and headaches at every turn. The most adverse development impacts are illustrated below.

Planning — Companies evaluating the incorporation of blockchain technology must choose from two incomplete solutions when selecting the protocol upon which they build. Public Blockchains can easily process large transaction volumes, but forfeit speed to achieve security. Private Blockchains work expeditiously, but have difficulty keeping up with high levels of scale.

Construction — Once a choice has been made between a public or private protocol, developers must re-tool their assemblies with proprietary languages and fight a costly uphill battle when integrating blockchain into their workflow.

Deployment and Maintenance — When a blockchain solution is finally put into practice, firms are forced to weather volatile transaction price fluctuations that vary wildly alongside asset prices. To make matters worse, Blockchain protocols used in enterprise are rarely upgradable, and maturing systems fail to adapt to changes in the evolving business landscape.

Casper — Built For Effortless Enterprise Adoption

Casper’s Highway Protocol serves to eliminate the shortfalls of existing enterprise blockchain solutions by offering a developer-oriented high-speed public blockchain. Casper has engineered a unique proof-of-stake mechanism that verifiably provides secure, decentralized and rapid transaction clearance leveraging the strengths of both private and public protocols. Development on the Casper chassis is straightforward, utilizing already popular tools and languages and formatting to make assembly a breeze. Casper also integrates easy upgradability to better address continually shifting business needs. Finally, Casper appeals to enterprise by stabilizing transaction fees with the use of oracles, allowing future costs to be quantifiable and consistent.

We are excited to work with Casper as they facilitate the next generation of enterprise solutions and usher in a new era of blockchain accessibility in business.

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