Why We Invested: Bloktopia

AU21 Capital
2 min readNov 9, 2021

At AU21 Capital, we are excited to announce our investment in Bloktopia, a decentralized metaverse built on Polygon. Bloktopia’s unique approach to integrating the VR experience with the metaverse gives users of all skill levels the ability to learn about the metaverse, crypto, DeFi, and NFTs in real-time. Bloktopia has unparalleled experience and an optimistic, streamlined vision for the future of the metaverse that we at AU21 are proud to stand behind. With this investment, we hope to enhance the experience of current crypto enthusiasts while seamlessly ushering in and integrating a new wave of adopters into the metaverse.

Crypto’s Cambrian Explosion Yields Information Overload

Though the metaverse and cryptocurrency as a whole is rapidly expanding both in terms of adoption and in projects and services, with this exciting growth comes an overwhelming amount of new information. Two major roadblocks hinder new and existing users alike: First, this plethora of information is fragmented, overwhelming to users and is not always accurate. Second, the metaverse and cryptocurrency as a whole is still very segmented, leading to massive inefficiencies and volatile user experience. As the space grows bigger with an increasing number of specialized projects, these problems compound, making the barriers to entry more sophisticated.

Bloktopia — A Decentralised Metaverse

Bloktopia offers an elegant solution to the issues facing blockchain and the metaverse today. Bloktopians (token holders) can first learn about the crypto space from a fully integrated and accurate on-hand database of information. They then can interact in the metaverse to earn money through real estate ownership and advertising, play games, create art, interact with others, build networks, and more. Not only does Bloktopia offer a streamlined solution to experiencing the metaverse, but they also run it on the world’s most advanced real-time 3D Creation Engine, leading to vivid images and a smooth user experience. Bloktopia has been building on serious momentum over the past month, and we are excited to see this project continue to build and grow to become the biggest metaverse on the blockchain.