AU21 Awarded “Most Active Venture Capital Firm” for Second Quarter in a Row

AU21 Capital
2 min readSep 20, 2021

We are honored to have been featured in TheBlockResearch’s analysis as the most active Venture Capital firm in both quarters thus far in 2021. We firmly believe that the best way to foster innovation and adoption in the cryptocurrency sector is through active and persistent investment, and are grateful to receive recognition for our efforts to build a new financial system.

Above all else we believe that our highly optimized due diligence process, coupled with our efficient operational structure, are the greatest contributors to our outstanding volume this quarter. Our continued focus remains on identifying the most impactful projects in the blockchain space, and adding value for our portfolio companies with strategic capital and resource deployments.

Our founders and employees have deep roots in Silicon Valley, and we genuinely believe that Blockchain technologies are fueling a new industrial revolution. The broadening number of use-cases for decentralized consensus and distributed networking across countless sectors is now impossible to ignore, and we are just now beginning to see applications of these technologies underpin highly performant solutions for financial intermediaries, small and medium enterprises, and individual end users.

We look forward to continuing our mission throughout the remainder of 2021, and look forward to seeing this technological breakthrough change the decade ahead.

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